Giving decaf some love.

In the specialty coffee industry, we give a lot of attention to the various countries, regions, altitudes, varietals, etc. of different single origin coffees.  We all definitely pride ourselves in showcasing as best we can what each and every coffee has to offer.  However, we have noticed a lack of attention to really great decafs in our region if not the industry as a whole but do understand the barriers as to why decaf does not receive a lot of attention.

99.9% of decaf coffee started out as regular green coffee that undergoes some sort of natural or chemical decaffeination process before the roasting process.  A very small amount of coffee does grow naturally as decaf but it’s so rare that it’s often unseen even in the specialty market.  There are multiple different types of decaffeination methods but most undergo the same basic process where the green coffee is soaked in a solution, the resulting water is then filtered of caffeine and then the green coffee is allowed to absorb the caffeine-less solution back into itself up to a certain point.  This process most often negatively affects the cell structure, chemical composition and thus taste of the final product after roasting.  You may often notice that a decaf coffee is quite oily on the surface even if it is not a dark roast.  This is due to damaged cell structure and takes quite a lot of care in the roasting process to prevent this from happening and keep those delicious oils inside the bean so they can be extracted while brewing and not oxidize on the outside of the bean.

So, we here at DRC have been working with importers to source really great decafs for several years to bring coffees that have undergone the best possible decaffeination process to maintain the integrity of the final cup quality.  Throughout this year we have been dialoguing with one importer in particular, Artisan Coffee Importers, to bring an extra special decaf to your palates.  This new Colombia La Serrania is from 29 small farmers in the state of Huila in Colombia and has undergone a process called “natural ethyl-acetate” process.  In this process a 100% pure sugar cane substance was used to draw the caffeine out of the coffee and not put any added chemicals into the bean.

This beautiful decaf will give you chocolate, creme brûlée and dried strawberries in the cup and hopefully will give you a great experience with a product that usually gets bad street cred.  We hope you enjoy and hope you stay with us on the hunt for quality decaffeinated coffees to add to our arsenal.

Einar Ortiz in his immaculate farm.  Photo courtesy of Virmax Coffee in Colombia.

Einar Ortiz in his immaculate farm. Photo courtesy of Virmax Coffee in Colombia.


June 2013 La Marzocco Roaster Showcase

On Thursday, June 13th from 11am to 1pm Deeper Roots Coffee will be at the La Marzocco USA headquarters as guests for LM’s Roaster Showcase.  La Marzocco is an espresso machine manufacturer based in Italy who designs and hand assembles, in our opinion, some of the best espresso machines in the world.  We use and distribute the whole line of La Marzocco machines on a daily basis and have fully integrated their products into how we perceive and teach about quality espresso.  We were invited by LM in the winter of this year to come out and showcase our coffee and story with the Pacific Northwest specialty coffee community and are honored to be able to be out there for the summer.  So we at DRC with some brainstorming help from our friends at LM have decided to make a beach themed party on LM’s parking lot to celebrate the coming of summer and to have one heck of a time sharing coffee and community with our friends in Seattle.  If you’re in the neighborhood come on by, bring a lawn chair, grab a drink from us and stick your feet in the kiddie pool!